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If he's shaky there, or worse, has to move to the outfield - then were talking poor-man's To clarify. walks does not equal good, no walks does not equal bad.Better defender than Pierre, fantastic CF, and a plus arm. (Kevin Goldstein)What would you do if one of your least favorite rappers mentioned advanced baseball statistics in one of his songs? "I'm huge like Pujols' w OBA, that's why they call me Hova" (firejerrymanuel from ny) can find a team willing to take on Matthews' contract? Do you think he has any remaining uses as a bench player for his current team or as a starter for any other desperate team?

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(Derek Carty)We know Dee Gordon is barely surviving at the plate in AA. If he's a plus glove at SS he still seems like good prospect.

The emerging understanding of similarities and differences in the two cases of collapse provides an important basis for evaluating the vulnerability and resilience of Maya political systems.

The lowland Maya site of Ceibal, Guatemala, had a long history of occupation, spanning from the Middle Preclassic Period through the Terminal Classic (1000 BC to AD 950).

Through this chronology, we traced the trajectories of the Preclassic collapse around AD 150–300 and the Classic collapse around AD 800–950, revealing similar patterns in the two cases.

Social instability started with the intensification of warfare around 75 BC and AD 735, respectively, followed by the fall of multiple centers across the Maya lowlands around AD 150 and 810.