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Ps3 players met not updating

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IDK if this is or the POS that was killing me and making me fly in the sky in the session i had to leave but when i was leaving i said i would report them and the guys friend says to " teach me a lesson all the way " and now this... IDK username: Blood Hound JACKAL is the person I believe hacked my account or game because the kid that told him to teach me a lesson said/ " jackal get this guy kept to learn a lesson " and I guess he didnt think I would have a recently met players list... Tried router cycling, clearing update..still only story mode available. : P Definitely a issue because I have the game for PS3 and PS4.I started up my PS3 game to do my daily objectives and it said that I am signed out of PSN so I could not go online. was able to get online and complete my daily objectives on ps4 but ps3 versiin claims im not signed in to psn. I just seen this on PSN website.....guess they need to fix what they fixed...........For assistance with your problem, feel free to consult the Telltale Support Center.From there, you can search for the solution to your problem depending on which Telltale series you are playing as well as the platform you are playing on. This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of Diablo III with your fellow players.Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy.

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I had someone who threatened to delete my PSN from Rockstar. The Loading screen right when you turn the game on doesn't even have the push x as option to get online, it just has story mode and goes straight into it. This could be why were all having problems, and its the day i have off!

my PSN is connected i can see my friends and i even messaged with someone that was in the lobby that I had to leave because of a modder messing with me. I don't sign into PSN until i go to GTA story mode then i go to sign in and it wont let me it signs in and then says that i am signed out - yet i can still message with friends and see my online list... cmon r* i was going to get some new rides for my garage, god dayum!!!