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Mary Harron had busted her ass to keep the job of the director and also to have the visions that she had for it-which were definitely ..., and it’s safe to say that we know more about the pop star than we ever knew before. ” Corden asks in reference to Groban’s song, “You Raise Me Up.” “I didn’t know about Groban.” “I do want to say,” Perry continues, “people are like, ‘So, who is ‘The One That Got Away’ about? I had a little Twitter crush on the Josh, long before I ever met him in person, which is sort of hysterical!! Many famous women have dated Josh Groban, and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies.BUT, we have to say, a more interesting tidbit was the reveal of who inspired her hit song, “The One That Got Away,” and it might not be who you guessed. ’ That’s Groban.” She added that he is one of her good friends currently. During an interview with James Corden about her past loves, Katy was asked to rank three of her celebrity ex-boyfriends — Diplo, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom — from best to worst based on their sexual performance. It's her first time hearing me sing, so I'm going to do some extra warm-ups so I don't suck." PHOTOS: Celeb couples and how they met Surely he's serenaded her at least once before, no? "We harmonize on the radio, but no, I haven't really done [any real singing].It always seems like a cheesy move on my, ' Hey, you wanna hear me sing?

Facebook/Josh Groban While Chris was a social butterfly in school, Josh was more introverted and explained that he turned to music as an safe haven from bullies and isolation.'" PHOTOS: Rockstar romances Both Groban and Dennings also acknowledged their relationship on Instagram, sharing pictures of themselves on the red carpet with the captions "I ship it" (hers) and "I ship it too" (his).A source told Us the romance is fairly new — but so far, so good.Josh and Kat were Hollywood's beloved couple but they split up last year, shocking everyone. The irresistible 36-year-old singer and actor, Josh is single and not dating anyone.And now, every single lip is asking whether the hot singer is single or dating someone. The met gala's theme this year was crooked ties and I NAILED IIIThank you @vogue, Anna Wintour and everyone at the incredible metropolitan museum of art for this beautiful night I'll never forget!!"Kat and Josh recently started dating and are having a lot of fun," the insider said.